Birthday & Cakesmash Photoshoot


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When to Book your Birthday / Cakesmash Photoshoot

Birthday & Cakesmash photography aims to photograph babies having fun in different, beautiful settings to celebrate their very first (or second) birthday. Therefore, sessions are done ideally between 10.5 and 13 months, when the babies are close to age 1 (or between 21 and 24 months for 2nd birthday). The sessions are ideally booked 6-7 weeks before your desired photoshoot date. So, your spot is reserved in the Littles’ Dreamland Photography Studio, located in Haarlem, North Holland, Netherland

How Birthday / Cakesmash Photography Sessions are Designed

Your baby’s comfort and safety is my utmost priority. I create the concepts with carefully picked, high-end materials, specially tailored for babies. The ingredients of the cake is selected according to your baby’s special needs (any food allergy is taken in consideration). 

Birthday / Cakesmash photoshoot sessions are designed caring for your baby and you. I definitely ask about your baby’s daily nap routine and plan the session timing accordingly.

After your baby’s birthday concepts photoshoot is over, I continue with the family. I always take additional shots with siblings, mother and father within the session. It is very important for me that one day, you and your baby cherish this memory seeing you all together.

In the studio, there are many materials like baby bottle warmers, diapers, baby shampoo etc. in case you need them. There is also a bathroom with a bathtub just for clients’ usage, where you can comfortably wash your baby after cake smash, if necessary (including a baby bathtub seat). These materials and bathroom are always kept sterilised. I also have fresh coffee, tea, snacks and anything for your comfort in my studio.